Smart Features of the Samsung A52s


The Samsung A52s is a low-cost, mid-range Android smartphone manufactured and released by Samsung Electronics as part of its new Galaxy A series. The phone has been announced on 7 March at Samsung’s official Awesome Unpacked stage alongside the new Galaxy A 72. It is the latest replacement for the aging, yet still popular, Galaxy Azona. The A 52s features a metal body and is also available in blue and silver. Like the Galaxy Azona, it also offers exclusive features such as Air Gesture – a feature which allows users to make calls via the fingerprint of their fingers. samsung a52s

The Samsung A52s has a compact design, but despite this it packs a lot of power. For example, it has a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5ghz and comes with Samsung’s Exonic Camera Plus, which is designed to take high-quality pictures. This is complemented by a nine-megapixel camera with dual optical zoom and a 2.1 megapixel Ultra HD camera. The phone also features Samsung’s Exon memory, which works in conjunction with the user’s own Exon engine to help increase their phone’s lifespan. This is supported by an expandable memory of up to 64GB.

The Samsung A52s also offers a robust camera set-up, which includes a front and rear camera, which is the same as that of the iPhone 4s. The rear camera is a high-resolution, auto focus unit, while the front camera is only able to capture still shots. This makes it difficult for the A52s to perform well when it comes to image quality, even though the rear camera has a lower resolution. The battery in the Samsung A52s lasts for about two and a half hours on average, which is just as long as some of the other popular smartphones. The battery does not charge all of the time, however, and needs to be recharged before it is usable. The phone also has a built-in data storage of around six hundred gigabytes, although it is not clear whether this data will be available to use with the Samsung A52s or if it will be needed to be downloaded.

Another plus point of the Samsung A52s is that it comes with a micro-SD slot, which allows you to add additional gigabytes of data. The slot is just one of many that are provided, including memory cards for about four hundred dollars, and there are other options like flash cards and micro USB cards. These can vary in size and capacity, however, and the A 52s is generally one of the smallest phones that can support these types of cards. There are some who prefer to have memory cards in portable devices as it helps to save space, but they should be considered an extra option.

With the Samsung A52s, users are provided with access to a large storage area thanks to both the internal memory and the external memory card. There is a slot for a standard sized micro SD card, which offers support for a large number of pictures, and then there is also a slot for a larger capacity memory card which is capable of holding more pictures. The largest memory card is capable of holding approximately two hundred and seventy-five megabytes, which is the equivalent of around two hundred and fifty movies, or about four hundred and forty songs.

With all of these features, the Samsung Galaxy A52s makes it easy for people to enjoy their multimedia experience at its best. For those who want to have fun with their photos and videos, they will appreciate the built in camera setup that comes with the phone. Users also get access to a handwriting recognition software that makes it easy to send and receive emails. Even with this phone, it is very easy to browse the web. Users can search the web using either Google or Yahoo, and even download ring tones from a variety of music sources including iTunes. Users will also enjoy access to a smart dialer, a calendar, a dialer memory and a battery-saving mode that allow the phone to last longer during a call.